Short Term Trips

GO into all the world Mark 16:15

Short-Term trips can provide incredible opportunities for you to learn, grow, experience and share the love of Jesus when you make yourself available to serve. Each year Calvary sends teams to many places around the world working alongside our ministry partners and supported missionaries to help share the hope of the Gospel in both Word and Deed.

We hope you will consider joining one of our teams and see how God will work in and through you to accomplish His plans and purposes. The world is waiting!


Feb 11-13th Tijuana, Mexico

April Ensenada, Mexico

April 8-9th Tijuana, Mexico

May 17/18- 21st Louisiana, Angola Prison 

June 17-19th   Tijuana, Mexico                      August 2- 13th  Wheels for the World- Uganda                                         
June 22/23-July 3rd  Israel                            Summer TBD
July 12-24th Poland/Latvia                             Ukraine 

July 13-29th  Uganda   

September/October: Ensenada, Mexico                      

October Empart in India          
October 7-8th Tijuana, Mexico

December Ensenada, Mexico: Shoe Box Ministry  
December 9-10th Tijuana, Mexico