Praxis Parents

Welcome Parents!  

We'd like to share some resources with you that may be helpful to you as you walk through the middle school years with your child.  Please investigate each resource for yourself to see if it's a good fit for you and your family.  Know that Calvary doesn't necessarily endorse these resources, we are simply providing options for you to investigate.  

Please let us know if there's anything we can do to serve you and your family.  You can call or email

Thank you, 

The Middle School Team


 In the Spring of 2016 Praxis went through a series titled PURPLE, which talked about sex, purity and boundaries.  Below you will find links to the videos of those messages, as well as conversation questions for each lesson and a handful of additional resources.  Please click on the title of the message to view the video file.

SESSION ONE:  Sex is Good, Sex is Powerful (So you better respect it!) 

Follow Up Questions: 

· Be honest, what was the most awkward part of today’s talk?
· How often is sex talked about in your school or with your friends?
· If you have questions about sex or dating, who do you normally go to?
· If God invented sex, what do you think that says about sex?
· How can sex be powerful in a good way?
· How can sex be powerful in a bad way?
· As a middle schooler, what do you think it means to only have sex in the right context?

SESSION TWO:  What Happens Online Doesn't Stay Online (Our secrets cause separation)

Follow Up Questions:

· In what ways do you think people act differently on their phones or online than they do in real life?
· Why do you think people are bolder, more inappropriate and more sexual online than they are in real life?
· Do you think pornography viewing happens with students your age or in your middle school?
· How can our online life affect our real-life life?
· When it comes to technology, what can you do to “run from sexual sin” this week?
· How can your parents help you avoid sexual temptations online?


 SESSION THREE:  Guardrails and Accountability Protect You

Follow Up Questions:

What are some of the biggest temptations you think the average middle schooler faces?
Do you agree that sexual sin is different from other kinds of sin? Why or why not?
Why do you think the apostle Paul tells us to “run” from sexual sin? What’s the urgency?
• What are some practical things we can do (or not do) to honor God with our bodies?
• When it comes to sex and technology, what are some boundary lines you’d like to set for yourself?
• Whether you’re already dating or not, what are some boundary lines you’d like to set for your future relationships?
• Who in your life helps hold you accountable to live like Christ?