Evangelism Seminar:  Thursday, December 8th, at 6:30pm, room 1100. Do you feel uncomfortable sharing your faith at times? If so , you’re not alone! We want to invite you to join Pastor Jeremy and Brian Howard as they teach us how to become people who share their faith, naturally, normally, and confidently. During this time, you can expect to be inspired to share your faith, and you will learn more about Calvary’s strategy to helping you grow spiritually in 2017. Don’t miss it! Click HERE to RSVP.

Calvary's Discipleship Series:

God wants you to take your next step spiritually. That could mean getting baptized, committing to digging into the Bible each day, discovering how God wants to use you to help others, or just learning more about God’s plan for your life.  Calvary’s courses are all about those steps.

Discover Calvary - Class 101, a 4-week membership class. Sundays, Jan. 8-29, 9:00 - 10:15am and Tuesdays, Jan. 10-31, 6:30 - 7:45pm, room 2114.

You will learn that following Jesus and joining God’s family, the Church, go hand and hand. You will meet new friends, hear the story of God, the story of our faith, and have the opportunity to hear how you become a vital part of our mission to reach the Greater Conejo Valley at Calvary Community Church. For more info go to or to register CLICK HERE.

Discover My Spiritual Maturity - Class 201, an 8-week discipleship class. Tuesdays, Nov. 1 - Dec. 20, 6:30 - 8:00pm, room 2114.

Do you want to become more like Jesus? Class 201 will help you develop the habits and heart to jump-start your spiritual maturity. It will give you an overview of the basic spiritual habits every Christian needs in order to grow: daily time in the word, prayer, and fellowship. To register, CLICK HERE 

Discover My Ministry - Class 301, an 8-week ministry class. Sundays, Oct. 30 - Dec. 18, 9am or 11:00am, room 2114. 

We believe that every member of our church is a minister. God didn’t intend for ministry to be done by just those with seminary degrees—he’s called you too! Class 301 is designed to help you figure out the ministry that fits you best—we call this “discovering your S.H.A.P.E.” During this class, you will learn the core teachings of the Bible and how you can use your Spiritual gifts, Heart (passions), Abilities, Personality, and Experiences to minister to others. To register, CLICK HERE.

Discover My Mission- Class 401, an 8-week mission class. 2017 Dates TBD.

God has designed you for a specific mission. Here at Calvary, we do this through local and global outreach. During this class, you’ll learn how to discover your God-given mission, the tools you’ll need for that mission, and how to share your faith. Best of all, you’ll see that being a “fisher of men and women” is one of the most exciting and rewarding things you can do as a follower of Jesus.  

Career Transitions Now

Looking for that perfect job? Thinking of a career change? Want to align your avocation with your vocation through the discovery of your God-given gifts, skills, and passions? Career Transitions Now is a unique and personalized 10-week workshop offered to job seekers and career transitioners. Douglas Whitaker and John Schad share their 40 years of combined experience in job search strategies and interviewing techniques. Tuesdays from 6:45pm–8:45pm in Room 2101. All are welcome! Contact Douglas at 313.549.4820 for more info. 

Community Bible Study

Tuesdays at 7:00pm. The 2016-2017 study of the books of Daniel and Revelation will begin on September 13, 2016. Community Bible Study, or CBS, is an in-depth, interdenominational Bible study that combines personal study, small group discussion, class lecture and discussion. Adults of all ages and levels of Bible knowledge welcome. Groups are available for couples, men only, or women only.
Registration $35./adult, weekly donation of $2.00. Click here for more CBS information.
For questions, contact class coordinator, Marty Trupiano at 805-492-3000. Class

Toast Masters - "Toast to the Master & Lord" 

Thursdays at Calvary,1st and 3rd weeks, room 2106, 7:00-8:00pm Become a more confident public speaker, develop your communication skills, and make new friends through Christian Toastmasters. We'll develop our skills each week by presenting on a different Christian theme. Guests are welcome. Contact Lynn at 805-300-2223 or